Bariatric Recipes Puree Stage. I don't advise adding anything fancy like celery or onion. Vegetables blended into protein drinks;

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Chicken, potato and green bean puree. Add a bit of enchilada sauce if you are looking for more flavor. One chicken breast will yield about 4 ¼ cups servings.

The Pureed Stage Doesn’t Last Long.

Recommended choices for the pureed phase check off ingredients as you shop! Can i eat baby food during the pureed stage? Blended moist, cooked chicken, turkey, or fish;

Pureed Beef, Chicken, Or Turkey

Blended cream soups with added baby food meat or finely minced meat; Natasha's chicken noodle soup recipe. Light yogurt or light greek yogurt low or nonfat small curd cottage cheese;

Lean Ground Meat, Poultry Or Fish.

High protein pureed food recipes. Scrambled eggs or egg substitutes. Then just pop the food cubes in the microwave and you’ll have a quick and easy meal.

200Ml Low Fat Milk + 1Tbs Protein Powder.

You want the chicken salad creamy and pretty smooth. 250ml smoothie (150ml low fat milk, 50g low fat yogurt, 50g berries, 2 tsp oats) lunch: See more ideas about bariatric bariatric recipes bariatric eating.

Pureed Egg Salad (Hard Boiled Eggs May Be Too Rubbery At The Puree Stage) Pureed Tofu;

Soft fruits and cooked vegetables. Technically, yes, but most surgery centers and dietitians advise against it. 55 calories, 7 grams of protein.

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