Final Fantasy 3 Snes Cheats Game Genie Codes. Some bosses are on the velet c0c2f60c; The codes you find on these pages are used for the ff3 (more commonly known as 6) with terra, locke and edgar as the main characters.

Final Fantasy III South Figaro Map (World of Ruin) Map for
Final Fantasy III South Figaro Map (World of Ruin) Map for from

Choose one of the empty slots and a list of all of the commands from the other characters you have will appear. Get the person u want to duplicate items from. Welcome to my final fantasy iii game genie codes page.

Replace The Yy In The Above Codes With One Of The Following Values:

Select an empty slot, then the item you want to duplicate by pressing up(this person must be holding the item). Start running and press b. The following are known game genie codes for final fantasy iii on super nintendo entertainment system (snes).

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Some Bosses Are On The Velet C0C2F60C;

Since there is a decent amount of confusion surrounding the snes final fantasy games and their numbers; Get illumina or ragnarok after battle enter c2df0ccc as the par code. Get gold enter c2dde8cc as the par code.

Choose One Of The Empty Slots And A List Of All Of The Commands From The Other Characters You Have Will Appear.

Here are some of the people that made the major codes: Choose the one you want, then do the same with the other two slots. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for final fantasy iii (snes) for super nes.

You Will Now Have Leo & Kefka, But Kefka Has No Commands And Will Thus Freeze The Game.

You will see mimic and three empty slots below it. Rearrange the party so that kefka is on top. Get the person u want to duplicate items from.

Terra Codes (Usa) No Random Battles (Overworld):

Give gogo any commands go to gogo's status screen. Switch kefka to the back of the lineup. Does not work well outside in a town.