How Often To Rotate Tires Tesla Model 3. Tire rotation on the tesla is recommended every 6,250 miles. You should be rotating every 6000 or so, if you don't drive hard or fast at all you could push this to 10000.

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Clean & lubricate brake calipers: Every 1 year brake caliper replacement: Also, you should rotate your tires if the tread depth difference between them exceeds 2/32 of an inch.

Tesla Recommends Rotating Your Tires Every 6,250 Miles Or If Tread Depth Difference Is 2/32 In Or Greater, Whichever Comes First.

Replace the valve cap to prevent dirt from entering. Periodically check the valve for damage and leaks. Tesla tires, though higher quality, aren’t perfect for everyone.

Unlike Regular Maintenance, This Expense Can Often Be Lowered By Shopping Around For Lower Insurance Premiums.

That's what i do with my tesla model s. Car and driver stated that it had costs “totaling $432 for three [brake caliper lubrication] services thus far, which often also include a tire rotation” once the vehicle reached 30,000 miles. That sounds early, but it’s apparently quite common with the model 3 (ymmv.

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The Average Cost To Insure A Tesla Model 3 Is About $1,905 Per Year.

We rotated at 7k, but tesla came out to rotate at 14k and they said no need to. The rotation pattern depends on which wheels of the car are responsible for driving. Like the other premium automakers, tesla offers extended service plans to guide their customers on vehicle maintenance.

Tire Rotation On The Tesla Is Recommended Every 6,250 Miles.

Should be covered under warranty if in the first 6k and you haven’t been doing crazy things. Tires are the single largest maintenance or operating cost on a tesla (by quite a bit), so it. If you have bad wear, take it in for an alignment by tesla.

According To The Recent Teslas Owner’s Guide, It’s Recommended That Tire Rotation Is Done After Every 5,000 To 10,000 Mileages For Both Model S And Model 3.

Aggressive driving can lead to premature tire. Many users have also complained about the model 3 having a “boring” interior, with some calling it “ugly.” Clean & lubricate brake calipers: