How To Change A Bike Tire Tube Without Tools. Watch sterling, famous dave, and lucy change a bike tube without using tire levers. Go ahead and try this at home and let us know how it goes!

Very Useful Guide On How To Remove Bike Tire From Rim
Very Useful Guide On How To Remove Bike Tire From Rim from

To replace a bike tube, you'll need a wrench, bike pump, and new inner tube. Sometimes, not using a tool is easier and faster than having to track it down. How to change an inner tube on a bike:

2) Carry A Patch Kit.

I’ll go over the basics of each tool, why they are needed, and how they are used. Using these tools can make a scratch in your rim and/or pinc. Flip the bike over and inflate the tire.

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No Matter If You Sue The Hand By The Way.

You may need to follow slightly different instructions in order to remove the wheels from the required: Plug in the motor connector. Use the first bar in edge and then the second one.

In Order To Assemble This Bag, You Must Determine Several Things:

Perfect use of a lever. If you suffer a puncture or crash your bike, the inner tube can easily become damaged, so changing them out becomes one of those jobs that all cyclists have to do now and again. With the process, you get to use some basic things for the flat bike.

This Instructable Uses A Road Bike.

Inflate the tire to the recommended psi on the tire sidewall. Most of the tools will not take up much space in the garage. Besides, it's an added satisfaction to be able to perform a project with just your hands.

After Checking The Tire, Put One Bead Back On The Rim, Leaving The Other Side Loose So You Can Install The New (Or Patched) Tube (Photo 2).

6) better than going to the bike store: The size of inner tube that the tire requires. Press the bike tire back over the rim, being careful not to pinch the tube.