How To Change Code On Schlage Lock Keypad. To factory reset the schlage connect be468/be469 smart locks. Enter the programming code and wait for the schlage button to illuminate orange three times, followed by three beeps.

How To Change Code On Schlage Keypad Door Lock Be365
How To Change Code On Schlage Keypad Door Lock Be365 from

Schlage keypad lock fe575 installation manual keypad lock. With a keypad deadbolt or lever, you can control entry to your home more easily and securely. Just like any other system, it needs to be told that it is about to receive the new key code.

As Mentioned, You Don’t Need A Code To.

Pull the strike plate away from the door jamb by removing the screws from the strike plate. To add a new entry code: While holding the schlage button, reattach the battery terminal.

The Green Check On The Keypad Will Flash Three Times And The Inside Schlage Button Will Flash.

Wait for the “schlage” button to beep and flash three times. See restore factory settings on page 15. Pushing the shlage button and the 1 key primes the lock to accept a new entry code.

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Enter The Programming Code And Wait For The Schlage Button To Illuminate Orange Three Times, Followed By Three Beeps.

If you forget the programming code, you can reset the lock to factory settings, which restores the default programming code. Press the schlage button and the number 1 button simultaneously. Press the schlage button and press key 1.

Slide Off The Battery Cover.

If your lock is brand new, the original programming code can be found on your manual or behind the outer face of the keypad (which requires you to take the keypad off the door). No more hiding keys under the doormat or losing track of copies. The schlage keypad locks are perfect for use on front doors, garage entry doors, and side and back doors.

Just Like Any Other System, It Needs To Be Told That It Is About To Receive The New Key Code.

How to change code on schlage lock keypad. Press the “schlage” button and the number “1” button simultaneously to add/change a new entry code. 6dmc + schlage button + #1 + new 4duc + reenter 4duc.