How To Connect Airpods 1 To Peloton. On the peloton screen, tap connect next to your airpods. Steps to connect airpods to peloton:

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Close the lid of the airpods charging case. Go to your peloton’s screen and you should now see the airpods. Start a test exercise to check whether your airpods are properly connected or not.

Now, Keep The Case Lid Open And Keep The Airpods Inside It.

When confirmed that your airpods are not connected to any device, put them back in the case and leave them open, don’t close the. 7 press and hold the setup button on the back of the case. Now, take off the second pair of airpods or.

1.4.2 Sync The Airpods Through The Peloton Class.

Turn on the bluetooth button on the peloton bike. Inside the settings, select the first pair of airpods or airpods pro like you usually connect. Start a workout to make sure that the airpods have been.

Step By Step To Pair Airpods With Peloton.

Place both airpods into the airpods’ charging case; If you use airport max, press and hold the noise control button until the status light flashes white. Grab your airpods and hold the pairing button until they start to flash white, this will put them into pairing mode and make them discoverable by pelotons bluetooth.

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How To Connect Airpods To Peloton.

Make sure your peloton app is. Go to your peloton icon setting and press it, then click bluetooth and switch it on. Once charged, press on the pairing button that is located behind the airpods until the led turns white.

Select The Bluetooth Audio Option.

Turn on your peloton touchscreen and select the first pair of airpods or airpods pro you would like to connect first. Select “share audio” inside the already connected devices. 1 how to connect airpods to peloton.