How To Get Rid Of Skunks Under House. You must start a trapping program in order for you to start the process of removing the skunks from under the house. Traps designed specifically for skunks are the best type to use as they will contain any odor that is released.

How To Get Rid Of Skunks In Your Backyard 11 Natural
How To Get Rid Of Skunks In Your Backyard 11 Natural from

Getting rid of a skunk den on your property. Get rid of skunks with peppermint oil. Sprinkle skunk repellent granules around the yard.

Strain The Mixture With A Cheesecloth And Place Into A Spray Bottle.

Peppermint essential oil skunk repellent. One of the main reasons why a skunk will choose to live under your house is because there is a good supply of food and water close by. You can use vinegar “stations” around the home to help suck up and clean the air.

Granules Can Be Used By The Wildlife Animal Control To Make The Property Much Less Attractive To The Skunks.

The second is using repellents. If you want to deter skunks from your deck and your property, adding lights around the area might be a great option. When the skunk smells these granules or other deterrents, they will typically try to avoid the property if at all possible.

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Mix Them With One Tablespoon Of Cayenne Pepper And Boil In Two Quarts Of Water For At Least 20 Minutes.

Solar lights are a great way to deter night animals from coming onto your property. Skunks will stay and live in a single place for as long as they are allowed. Skunks generally run away from the light, which is why they look for places that are dark and hidden away.

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15 tips on how to get rid of skunks fast & humanely (2022) install a motion detection sprinkler. Keep attractants like the refuse in your garbage can strictly contained with secure lids. What skunks lack in the eyesight department, they make up for with their excellent sense of hearing.

Get Rid Of Skunks Under Your House, Porch, Deck Or Shed.

How to keep skunks away. Once the skunk is removed, you then can get on with. Block all but the one you want the skunk (s) to use for an exit.