How To Measure A Box For Ups. Length x width x height. Box dimensions are a critical part of any package as the dimensions of a box have an impact on what materials are needed, the cost of production as well as shipping and warehousing costs.

Cardboard Box Sizing Custom Cartons
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To measure box height, hold your measuring tool vertical up in the air. Use a ruler to draw a straight line along the exact middle of the score lines where the box folds. Measure this standing side, rounded to the nearest inch or centimeter, and record the number of the package dimensions.

This Is The Long Side Of The Box On The Side Of The Longest Flap.

How to measure a box measure the length of the box first. Measuring every inch and ounce precisely can help ensure you get the optimal price for your parcel deliveries with usps®. The standard box measures 17 x 12 ⅜ x 12 ⅜.

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Use The Eaton Ups Selector Tool.

Actually, you only round up at the half inch. If it is less than the half inch then you round down. Multiply the package length (longest side of the package) by the width by the height.

Treat The Irregularly Shaped Package As If It Were In A Regular Rectangular Box.

(for easy reference, you can open this page in another browser window) Length x width x height. That means that 11 1/2 inches would be rounded up to 12 inches and 11 3/8 inches would be rounded down to ll inches.

Measure The Length, Width, And Height Of The Package From Its Extreme Points.

(lxwxh) where the height is the vertical dimension of the box when the opening is facing upwards. It’s also commonly referred to as “the book box” because it was designed to accommodate heavier items like books, albums, records, cds, hand tools and more. Fedex handles packages up to the same maximum size, and both companies enforce a maximum weight of 150 pounds.

With A Tape Measure, Squaring Up Is A Visual Process Of Comparing Readings.

This will be measured with the flaps. If you’re measuring for a custom box, you should measure to the closest 1/10th of an inch. So that means that you box would be rounded to 16 x 8 x 13.