How To Paint Bricks White. Next, use a roller and roll the brick. Latex paints seal brick which can trap moisture and cause damage, but this mineral paint lets the brick breath like it needs to.

How to Paint a Brick Fireplace Brick fireplace
How to Paint a Brick Fireplace Brick fireplace from

Picture a new york loft warehouse with polished concrete floors and bricks painted a fresh white to bounce light around the space. Next, use a roller and roll the brick. It’s important to thoroughly clean the brick before you paint it.

Allow The Primer To Dry Completely Before Moving To The Finish Paint.

Exterior paint gives an additional sealant protection to prevent moisture seeping into the brick. I rounded up some examples of painted white brick homes from houzz. Just like you would with any surface, prepping the bricks prior to painting is very important.

You Can Also Use These White.

It looks fresh, bright, and is a beautiful backdrop for other colors. Just some helpful tips before we begin: That said, whites are tricky and need to be carefully selected and highly tested.

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Before Painting The Brick, It's Important To Wash Any Dirt Off Of The Wall Using A Wire Brush.

Bottom line, painting a brick fireplace white is a lengthly process but. Next, use a roller and roll the brick. White painted brick protects against the elements.

Coat It Completely With Primer.

Use a wire brush and soapy water to scrub the brick. Start by painting over the grout lines, outer edges of the bricks and anywhere else your paint roller won’t be able to reach. This is a simple process.

Painting Your Bricks White Is Permanent.

An affordable and easy way to update your home! Ask this old house painter mauro henrique updates a fireplace surround with a whitewashed looksubscribe to this old house: It won’t be glaring to the eye, and it will give your house a softer more pleasing appearance.