How To Patch A Tire From The Inside. Rubber cement should be used on the underside of the patch. Scuff a larger area than the patch size.

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A plug is just wedged in there, being pushed outward by air pressure and inward by the road itself. This process takes a bit longer than a tire plug repair. Tire is then mounted back on the rim, inflated to the proper tire pressure and the repair is checked for leaks.

Edge Thinner Than The Rest With Sand.

Once off, the patch is applied on the inside of the tire over the puncture or tear. Hold the iron down on the tea towel (which is over the patch) with high heat. Rough up the inside of the tire at the hole.

If Your Tire Meets These Requirements, Congratulations, You May Save A Trip To The Mechanic And A Few Bucks.

The scuffing may create rubber pieces in the area, be sure to remove them after the scuffing. Clearly, the only effective way to repair a radial tire and make it safe again is also the method recommended by both the rubber manufacturers association and the tire industry association: Holding the patch over the affected area of your pants on the inside, place your tea towel directly on top of it to prevent any damage to the iron.

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Because Patch Repairs Are Generally The Province Of Trained Technicians Who Have The Equipment To Dismount And Remount The Tire, They Take Longer And Cost More.

Apply a layer of glue around the hole, ensuring that you cover an area that’s larger than the size of the patch. Photo courtesy plews & edelman. To patch a tire, you take the tire off the rim, apply the patch on the inside, seal it and remount the tire.

A Patch Is Then Installed On The Inner Liner Over The Puncture Area Causing A Chemical Reaction ;

How to patch a car tire. From the inside out, pull a rubber stem through the puncture area sealing off the inside of the tire; The hole needs to be clean so the plug part of the patch will make good contact and seal the hole.

Use A Roller On The Inner Side Of The Tire Patch.

Patching a car tire involves locating the nail or the puncture in the tire. In this video i'll show you how to fix a hole in your tire with a tire patch kit. Scuff a larger area than the patch size.