How To Turn Off Alarm On Iphone With Broken Screen. The second part is the important one, because i don't wanna smash the. Alternatively, click on the alarm to modify the time or any other settings.

Turn off iPhone without touch screen or When the Touch
Turn off iPhone without touch screen or When the Touch from

Keep holding the button till the screen goes off. After an alarm is set, users can click on the edit button in the clock app. This is not required, swiping to unlock the iphone stops the alarm.

Open The Program On Your Computer After You Install It.

Turn off wake up alarm. I can't even lower the volume. Use the following steps to turn off your iphone if its screen is unworkable:

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Iphone 7 And 7 Plus.

Permanently turn off the alarm for a sleep schedule. The location of this button depends on the model of your iphone. So how to avoid said reset and still manage to turn off this pos?

I Have 15 Days To Return The Smashed Phone.

The problem is that the phone was at 98% when i smashed it and it's damaged in such a way that i can't turn off the alarm at 6:45 am on weekdays. Be sure to quickly release the button at this point, because if you hold it too long, the phone will restart. If so there are many tutorials out there

The First Part Of This There Is A Description On Shutting Down.

Keep holding both buttons until the screen turns off. Tap browse at the bottom right, then tap sleep. Turn off the alarm, wipe/factory reset the phone without the use of touch screen.

The Best Part Is That It Could Be Done Even When The Screen Is Shattered And Is Completely Not Functional At All.

Siri will ask you to confirm the request. If you’ve an iphone 5s, then you can use touch id to turn it off. If this didn't solve the problem;