Iphone Not Receiving Group Texts Reddit. That seemed to fix this issue. When we faced a text message not receiving an iphone error, this trick worked wonders for us.

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My friends phones are all different types of androids and different carriers, but it seems to be just me that misses the messages. Tl;dr iphone 8.4 isn't receiving texts on specific group message. There's no notification when messages comes.

Search For Android Messages App.

Once you open that app, in the top right corner of the screen you will see three parallel dots ( ). Iphone 7+ not receiving group texts. In the following guide, six effective solutions that proved to be useful will be offered to help you fix the iphone not receiving group messages problem effortlessly.

There's No Notification When Messages Comes.

I've tried a lot of things, like resetting network settings, deleting the group chats, updating ios and carrier settings. Please open the phone's settings, search for the apps and notifications / apps. That worked for regular messaging, but i'm still not getting all the texts in group messages.

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Iphone 12 (Pro) With Ios 14.1 Won't Receive Sms Texts Sent By Other Members In The Chat.

Messages sent to the group are not being delivered. Spoke with apple and at&t, nothing resolved. It's always worked before, and only stopped working a few days ago.

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Not only would text messages just be missing for some individuals, but huge chunks of the conversation would get delayed for some people. Like my brother would suddenly receive 50 messages at once that had been. I just got messages that were from over 24.

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Trying logging into your account, go to account settings, go to device settings, click edit icon on your device, at the bottom make sure the data is enabled and the photos being blocked is disabled. My parents added a line to the plan, so maybe somehow a setting got messed up on at&t's end. When i synced to messages to icloud is the moment i stopped receiving group texts.