Natural Lip Oil Recipe. Lightly heat coconut oil over a candle. Allow the mixture to sit and cool for a few minutes more.

Roll On Lip Gloss Recipe with Essential Oils
Roll On Lip Gloss Recipe with Essential Oils from

This natural lip gloss is so easy to make. This homemade natural lip balm for dry lips with coconut oil and hemp seed oil is ready in minutes. Diy lip balm is relatively easy and inexpensive to make, plus it enables you to customize factors such as the scent, color, consistency, and moisture level.

Place The Beeswax Pellets In A Bowl And Place It In The Microwave Oven For 45 Seconds.

Puncture vitamin e capsule and empty into the bowl. Pat dry your lips and apply lip oil. To apply lip oil, cleanse your lips then gently exfoliate lips using a lip scrub.

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Use A Double Boiler Method Or Microwave Oven To Heat Up 3 Tablespoons Of Castor Oil, A Tablespoon Of Almond Oil And A Tablespoon Of Almond Wax In A Small Bowl.

On a digital scale weigh beeswax. Laura, the site’s owner, frequently makes her own diy style cosmetics and her advice is to work quickly when using this particular recipe because all the ingredients tend to set up. 1/8 teaspoon of vitamin e.

Once Fully Melted Add The Honey And Vitamin E.

Once melted, whisk in the sweet almond and jojoba oil. Once your mixture has melted completely, remove it from the heat and stir in 10 drops of peppermint essential oil. Add ⅛ teaspoon vanilla extract for a natural vanilla flavoring;

After Using Citrus Essential Oil On Your Lips, Avoid The Sun To Ward Off Phototoxicity.

This diy mango honey lip balm is so easy to make. See how to make a healing lip balm recipe to care for chapped, peeling lips! Mix all ingredients in a bowl.

Gently Scrub And Massage This Mixture On Your Lips.

Keep a thick consistency with little oil and more salt. Once you know the ingredients to use in your natural lip balm, you can make many versions of lip balm to suit your liking. This natural lip gloss is so easy to make.