Whipped Vodka Recipes With Pineapple Juice. Ingredients 1 1/2 ounces whipped cream vodka 2 ounces pineapple juice 3 ounces sour mix 1/2 ounce grenadine whipped cream, for garnish It contains 5 ounces of whipped vodka, 1 ounce of cranberry juice, and 0 ounces of sugar.

Pineapple Whip Fizz Cocktail by whitneybondblog
Pineapple Whip Fizz Cocktail by whitneybondblog from www.pinterest.com

Oh and yes, serve it with twinkies on the side! Fill a highball glass with ice. Pineapple juice pairs with the beautiful tropical flavours so well and makes.

Ingredients 1 1/2 Ounces Whipped Cream Vodka 2 Ounces Pineapple Juice 3 Ounces Sour Mix 1/2 Ounce Grenadine Whipped Cream, For Garnish

Stir together the vodka, club soda, cranberry juice, tangerine juice, lime juice, and sliced lime in a large punch bowl. No twinkies were harmed in the making of this cocktail. Pineapple juice, cranberry juice, orange juice, peach schnapps and 2 more.

1 Part Pinnacle® Whipped Vodka.

Add whipped cream vodka and fill with equal amounts pineapple juice and orange juice. Unlike most grape vodka drinks this recipe really summons the sparkle, thanks to the key ingredient: Top with whipped cream and serve.

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In The Way Of Mixers And Other Things To Mix With Malibu The Best Options Are Pineapple Juice, Coca Cola, Lemonade, Lime Juice For A Twist And Weirdly, But Also Delicious, Cranberry Juice.

Fill a highball glass with ice. Strain the drink into a hurricane glass filled with crushed ice. Pineapple juice 1 1/2 oz.

Pin On Honey Make Me A Drink.

5.00 ( 3 reviews) good: A five ounce bottle of triple sec and a zero ounce bottle. Garnish with a strawberry slice.

Mango Juice, Grenadine, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice, Lime Slices And 3 More.

And the result is a party punch that is easy to make and surely satisfy the crowd, especially on. Muddle together all the ingredients in a glass over ice. Take me on the couch cocktail!